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Features of capability and structure:
1. Screw thread cartridge valve imported from the USA matched with electric proportional hydraulic valve makes the brush continuously adjustable;
2. Adopting the single chip-designed operation control box, making it characterized by less key switched and easy operation. All the movement can be made controlled from cab;
3. Optimizing the designing of ash-collecting box and dustbin, clearing ash and removing the dust are both done automatically;
4. ISUZU engine matched with auto-centrifugal clutch imported from Germany;
5. Adopting the advanced subsidiary engine air-filter system, improves the air quality into the engine;
6. Set the air passage diversion equipment in order to fit both dry and wet day work;
7. Centrifugal air-pump by special wearable processing;
8. Can do pumping work with only pumping plate;
9. Be equipped with inspection equipment in the cab, so that it is convenient for the operator to insure the cleaning quality;
10. Chassis emissions reach the European III standards.

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