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SMJ5310JQJ18 Bridge Detection Vehicle is a kind of special vehicle used to make the damage maintenance and preventive check operating for the large and medium-sized bridges.
the main function is to carry a comprehensive examination to the structure of the bridge, include repairing, painting, sand blasting, installation, demolition, also the crack detection to the bridge beam and maintenance to the post of full bridge, also can be used to install and repair bridge pipes and cables.
The main features
● The hydraulic components are from international brands, safe and reliable;
● with extended support wheel structure, walking steadily;
● optimization improvement chassis structure to achieve high-power low-speed smooth walking;
●four-bar linkage is adapted to the raising equipment, which make the vehicle can go across larger sidewalk distance and a higher bridge guardrail.
 It is with the features such as advanced design, reasonable layout, located in the leading position in China, the use of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic technology makes it can be manually or remote controlled, simple operation, and operating safe, convenient, fast. It is the ideal product in  large and medium-sized bridge maintenance and testing operations.

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